Ove Karlsen, 30.march 2014


God has no second partner, and that is what an analysis of religion says aswell..

Adam and the natural man existed ofcourse first of created men, and no doubt they discussed God, as  today. Adam was a prophet says The Quran.

In history we see that the fertilitycults came with doll -like idols, and distortions of monotheism, where dolls where placed in pyramids, or so-called ziggurats, at a higher levels, because it corresponded to a distortion of "god" in the polytheists symbolic world. The dolls were just about sex and ofcourse an irrational element.

The first God known by name, is Dyeus. Which means The Divine. Reconstructed by researchers and set to about -5000 BC in proto-indo-european society. At this time, we see the typical distortion of monotheism , where Dyeus is a main god, among several minor gods. The typical distortion of monotheism everywhere . Here also circular buildings, for hunting and "sacrifice". Dyeus society is said to consist mostly of priests, warriors, and farmers or animal owners.

Tengri is next, and a regional variation on Dyeus, about -4000 BC in Turkey.

In later Greek mythology, Dyeus becomes Zeus. Now highly associated with many varieties of distorted religion, many idols, which is really just distortions again of monotheism. Highly mythologized, and again the basis for several other varieties of the same. Idols borrows qualities of God, and is portrayed as strong and associated with lightning or storms at sea, and similar things .

In ancient Egypt idolatry is also at its peak, with almost everything revolving around idols. Where Pharaoh poses as a mythologized variant of "God" from the top of a pyramid. Based on irrational customs that they believed they became "God" by. Probably a misunderstanding of esoteric verses about conscoiusness and "soul ". And in a very irrational construct of very distorted monotheism, with many added idols, and a whole society, based on the symbolic polytheism.. An entire city as one big idol.

Dyeus and Tengri also becomes Dyaus and Indra in Hinduism .

All polytheism in that sense is really just based on, and distortions of monotheism .

Abraham, also known as Ibrahim Zardosht around -2200 BC writes down, in the beginnings of written religion, and writing, monotheistic religion that says "God is One, Without A Second Partner". It becomes very influential, starting both Zoroastrianism (Gathas) becomes a central aspect of Hinduism (Brahman is one without a second), and is also the basis for "The Abrahamic Religions".

The beginnings of typical monarchic symbols like "crown" is also seen in Abrahams time, and represents polytheism, and highly associated with "gay" prostitutes, that poses as fertility-cult idols. (Satanic.)

Dyeus in the form of Zeus also becomes Jupiter and Jove, and later Yah (without piter) and Yahwe, and Moses talks about the religion of Abraham, around -1500 BC.

And Jesus says, "Your Lord is One", around the beginning of our time accounting.

Tengri becomes the god of Khans in China, warriors, that later became kings with thoughts about bloodrelations and more typical monarchy, based on idolaters distortions from fertilitycults, and similar new distortions. Also, later known as "Vikings".

Buddha also writes Dhammapada, probably not so much before or after this, also using typical monotheistic wording.

Also Laozi writes Dao De Jing, around the same time. Also with a lot of typical monotheistic wording.

Aristotle teaches "Lex Naturalis " and "Primum movens" 400 AD.

And in Norway, we get a variant of Dyeus and Tengri, probably from the chinese branch of Tengri, called Odin and Thor, where China is referred as Asia, and Asgard, and that is also connected to lightning and thunder. Originally really the same one, but mythologized as several..

And 600 AD, Mohammed, the last prophet, delivers The Koran, with religion with a language for the people of his time, which corrects many distortions in Abrahamic religion. And states "everything in the heavens and the earth is subjected to God, willingly or not". With the name of the religion being "submission" and that "Abraham named them subjected (muslim)".

Allah, as Dyeus means "The Divine".

In these facts about religion, one sees that all religion is connected, and that there really is no polytheism, and that religion really is universal, and about naturality. 

Therefore religion can also exclude unnaturalness, things that are fantasies, that is not a part of natural behaviour. Which ofcourse is the conservative stand against promiscuity, homosexuality, intoxicant-use, exceeding limits and general low morale.

Unfortunately, there are new developments all the time, and new distortions, such as "the companions" of Islam. And in Norway some even talk about "Thor and Odin" still, as if it is about "Norwegian" identity  National Romanticism and nationalism are related. And Hitler again worships ancestors in the form of  "the aryan race", and Stalin talks about serving the commune. Indeed, also in "open source" , with the self-appointed "nice nerd" Linus Torvalds, criticism of "free software" is censored, while the people at the bottom works for free, and on top they earn a lot of money.
And Einstein and similar attribute qualities to the universe that only God has. The universe is ofcourse created and has an end, as religion ofcourse also is about. E=mc2 or black holes or similar mathematical  misconstructions are from irrational pantheistic mathematics.
While observations that "the stars are just a small part of the universe" is correct. Also in The Quran as "We decked the lower heaven with stars." And The Quran also states that "everything is counted".

And in psychiatry they claim to know something about demons, while the oversexualized society get little moral correction from their libido-view. Rather the reverse, while "experts" talks about sex in the media. While people bothered by demons get well without "medication", just by following monotheism .Which was the original religion and source on Satan, the lustfollower and demons. There is both submitted and polytheistic demons, states The Quran . Most people who have talked about this, has also said that it is not only negative. And while people are channeling demons in many cultures, it is common in Norwegian culture, to suppress freedom of religion here, and claim "madness" and instead abuse people from atheistic perspective. In that sense, Norway is a facist state, that many norwegians complain about in the form of other countries. Itself ofcourse a demon. And ofcourse religion is needed and moral guidelines over a long time to correct this.

Without any societies pantheon and distortion of religion, there are ofcourse no satanic demons, only man as God created him. - God , far above any pantheon. He has no second partner.

The only relevant for all levels and spheres. God, Lord of existing things.

And thus submission is about naturalness, and God created man with  submission as a natural religion states The Koran.

And this must be the only unpretensious human ethics.

Praise be to The One God .He needs no partners.

God is Lord of the east and west, and there is no other God .The Beneficial, The Most Merciful.


"We shall show them our verses in the horizon, and in themselves, until they know they are true"  (41:53)

No hadith is necessary, in Quran Alone Islam. And that is what we see in this verse in The Quran aswell.

It was astray Sufis that launched the hadith-based intepretation now known as the difficult sects,  focusing on "predecessors", persons in weak hadith texts. This is the typical ancestral-worship, of facists and idolaters/totemists. Also known as ultranationalists.

This was mainly done after Rumi claimed to be God, in an area that later became The Ottomans. Rumis Diwan, "Ghazal" (lovepoetry) #1827 shows Rumi to be a promiscuous gay.  http://tabsir.net/?p=873

Rumi was recognized as the same as Baal, who was a prostitute that claimed to be "lord", a name his father made up, among several of his children, in Abrahams time. Baal is the moon-symbol in the Ottoman flag. Also known as Hubal.

Supported by "Ghazali", they lanched the "yearning for an ideal" that together with sufi-lovepoetry became "the love of sahaba" we know today, that really has a gay basis. Satan follows his desire (Quran), so the idol is typically gay. Since Bukhari is full of errors, and it states "Uthman collected The Quran", when The Quran  states God collected The Quran, (and Mohammed follows it in his time), The Ottoman sufis probably wrote Bukhari and it is a false name and false texts.

vs Quran:  (75:16..75:19) http://islamawakened.com/quran/75/17/default.htm

The problematic sects have very difficulties in understanding this, and their claims of  being muslim, are very unserious. They have offended so many, so please verify, so we can  get rid of this "gay bimbo" "Islam". Satan follows his desire (Quran).


The "Ishtar-gate". Ishtar was Baals relative, usually part of idolaterous symbolism,  related to Baals prostitution.


A sufi mosque, decorated similary. And people have even stated that they "think about sex"  in the mosque. Baals temple was that of prostitution.

Ishtar is also Lat, Manat, and Al-Uzza

YUSUFALI: Have ye seen Lat. and 'Uzza,
YUSUFALI: And another, the third, Manat?
YUSUFALI: What! for you the male sex, and for Him, the female?
YUSUFALI: Behold, such would be indeed a division most unfair!
YUSUFALI: These are nothing but names which ye have devised,- ye and your fathers,- for   which Allah has sent down no authority (whatever). They follow nothing but conjecture  and  what their own souls desire!- Even though there has already come to them Guidance  from  their Lord!

The “sufi caduceus” really being symbolism earlier called "Ningizzida" related to Baal and  Ishtar aswell.


Much symbolism in hadith, try to cover over The Quran, and instead lead to gay  lustcultivation. Without Bukhari, without "love of sahaba", without crazy  self-neglecters, they would be decent people, if they tried to follow real Islam. And they would know the worship of God. That is what Islam tries to establish. That is what they bow and submit to God for, so that they shall increase in faith. (External) Hadith is only blocking that (kufr). They are really worshippers of idols, in hadith texts,, and have a pantheon in the "sahaba", and they might aswell make up carved idols. http://paradoxuncreated.com/tmp/sunni-picture-pack/

And God controls all forces in the heavens and the earth.

Ottomanian art “Battle of Nicopolis” also have many gay sexual allusions. Ottomanian art  “The king has gone impotent”, seems to allude to that the “king” is instead having sex  with the man on his right.

This has actually happened many times in history. Much Japanese Samurai art is gay, and in christianity, Cranach The Elder (1472 – 1553), made even worse art, that was supposedly “christian”.

The gay practise of  “bathhouses” and toiletsex is common in Ottoman culture also.  ”The  “tellaks” (young boys who helped men to have a bath) did not only work for washing the men. They also served as male prostitutes. There is a book in the Ottoman archives called  “Dellakname-i Dilkusa” (The Record of Tellaks). It tells about the most famous “tellaks” of Istanbul. The way they serve their customers, their price..”.  (http://www.qrd.org/qrd/www/world/europe/turkey/islamottoman.htm).

Ottomans are also known for Köçek: A gay prostitute, more popular than (veiled) belly dancers, dancing at intoxicant-taverns. ”Often acrobatics, tumbling and mock wrestling  were part of the act. The köçeks were available sexually, often to the highest bidder..”  (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%B6%C3%A7ek) Rumis whirling ofcourse includes his garments whirling up.

God also destroyed Sodom (and Gomorrah) which worshipped Baal.

Baal is also compared to a dog in The Quran.

"And had We willed, We would surely have elevated him therewith but he clung to the earth  and followed his own vain desire. So his description is the description of a dog: if you drive him away, he lolls his tongue out, or if you leave him alone, he (still) lolls his tongue out. Such is the description of the people who reject our verses. So relate the stories, perhaps they may reflect".

Rumi also states "There is a hidden treasure deep within the earth” – “It is Love”.

Followers of philosophies based on these, such as Osama Bin Laden, are often depicted with swellled cheeks.

(31:18) ”And swell not thy cheek (in pride) at men, nor walk in insolence through the earth; for Allah loveth not any arrogant boaster”.

Unfortunately the pakistani doctor who helped catch Bin Laden is in prison for this,  showing that Pakistan (politicians) seems inclined towards these irrational  interpretations of Islam.

Also some Turkish politicians seem inclined toward similar “muslim brotherhood” type  interpretations, criticising Egypt for military intervention with Mohamed Morsi.

Baal is central to decadence and distorted religion:

“And Elias was most surely of the messengers, he asked his people: ‘do you not fear  (God)?, will ye call upon Baal and forsake the best of creators, God is your Lord and the  Lord of your fathers, the ancients. But they rejected him, and they will certainly be  called up (for punishment), except the sincere and devoted servants of God (among them),  and we left (this blessing) for him among generations (to come) in later times, peace be  upon Elias.” —Qur’an, Chapter 37, Verse 123-130

Hadithism point-by-point refutation:

About the idolaters (nonbelievers) The Quran states: “God has put a block on their minds,  and on their hearing and eyes is a veil”. (2:7)
No doubt worshipping an idol, or a totem, is an immense mentality block.

Sunnism has 5-prayer hadith, which include obsessive-compulsive like repetitions.

The 5-prayer hadith, also resembles the biblical Moses going back and forth to Pharao, and  seems inspired by it. Hadith-writers seems to largely have made this up, distorted, or  been inspired by various other things, also distorted variants of Zoroastrianism where  there also are 5 prayers.

The Quran has 3 prayers:
#1,#2,#3 i 011.114, 017.078
#1 i 017.079
#1, #2 i 050.039
#1, #3 i 024.058, 030.017, 024.036, 076.025
#2, #3 i 030.018, 038.018
#1, #2, #3, #1, #2 i 020.130 (#1 & #2 er is repeated, notice that praising, is repeated,  and that the times stated are repeated. Compare verses.)

The Bible also mentions three prayers.

Sunnism has ritual washing (wudu) with each prayer, when the Quran, states to wash before  morning prayer. (5:6) Where ofcourse modern shower will do the job. This is common many  places, even without The Quran being known, and is a good example of how sunnis/sects work  against Gods religion, when established naturally, and try to replace it with deviance.

Sunnism has a confession of faith.
The Quran calls them hypocrites (63:1). Does a new adherent to Islam, know that Mohammed  is Gods messenger? Ofcourse not, therefore they cannot witness to this. Indeed, instead  those “firm in knowledge” state that the entire Quran is from God. And only the  intelligent understand (3:7)

Sunnism has “sunna Mohammed”.
The Quran has “Sunnatullah”, and forbids “sunna Mohammed”, and dedication to the prophet  instead of God. (3:79). Mohammed is Gods messenger, and thus ofcourse teaches about Gods  ways (sunnatullah), and has no “own”.

Sunnism has hijab.
The Quran does not use hijab about headwear, but hijab means barrier. (33:53). The  expression Muhajabah reflects also this very poor interpretation, which then would mean  “barrier for God”. The verse must ofcourse be interpreted to, that if you have a  questionable person in the house, that harasses you and your near, with unfitting  questions about marriage, it is perhaps best that the women go to another room, or that  the discourse goes on outside? Many also interpret hair to be problematic in a verse,  talking about "modesty", however ofcourse, sensible people understand the verse about  ornaments (or similar translations), to be about nakedness, which is ofcourse the only  thing that would be an issue, when “stamping ones feet” is a problem when it draws  attraction to these "ornaments".

The Quran in a context about conservative clothing also states “so that you shall be  recognized as people”. And indeed, that is what conservative clothing is about today  aswell. And a conversative society considers itself more civilized than barbaric  barebreasted tribes. That is no doubt what this verse is about. And conservative clothing  is also in the verse saying "lengthen your garments". And ofcourse no “cleavage” which is  ofcourse is typical in western societies. Only gaining attraction as a subhuman sexobject,  rather than a person. Which is completely insensible.

That is the correct interpretation, that harmonizes with other verses.

Some say they hijab also because they identify with “nuns”. In The Quran it clearly  states, God did not ordain monasticism (57:27)

Many also complain about sweaty heads. A sunni-sectarian claimed as a moderator of a sunni  forum, one should not complain and wear it still. The Quran argues cleanlyness, and  decency.  Again failure to understand Quran, and praises and worship of God, which is  ofcourse what monotheism is about. Not satanic customs. If one wears it for sensible  reasons, there is nothing wrong with that ofcourse.

The Quran also has verses about the “shade of a palm-tree” in paradise, where no sweaty  hijabs are.

Veils are actually often linked to harems/prostitution/belly-dancing/low-morality  activity. Historically it is linked to prostitution in the bible.

Genesis 38.15: When Judah saw her, he thought she was a prostitute, for she had covered  her face.

The veil used in marriage, often indicates sex, and veils were also used by princesses to  symbolize that she was to be given to a knight or hero among the people.

Instead of “modesty” ofcourse, many hijabis talk about symbolizing their “womanness” with  the veil, which is ofcourse really the same. Sexual symbolism, and offensive. Indeed many  women who “put on the veil”, even talk about doing this for her husband, and his sexual  pleasures, rather than God. “Womaness” is ofcourse similar to the focus of a  fertilitycult-idol. And that is what the christian "virgin" Mary is also, depicted with  veil and child.

“Tunisian Women Go on ‘Sex Jihad’ to Syria” was in the news aswell, where the same  hardcore salafis women in a hadithist group called “Mother Aisha” sleep with 20-30-100  men, in what is called “jihad al-nikah” and come home pregnant.  Aisha is only described  in hadith, and ofcourse here represents a typical fertility-idol, and the  ultra-promiscuity of idolaters. Satan follows his desire.

Rootsymblism may be about genitalia.

"Little red riding hood" being eated by the wolf, is hallucinogenic symbolism, the hood  symbolising vagina. The wolf really symbolising satan, the eating the damage of  hallucinogenic poison, and the male version is the sorcerer. A pointy hat, symbolising the  male genital. Ofcourse without any other practial use, so symbolic.. “Alien abduction” is  a modern variant of the same, and similar things. Satan in this form, must ofcourse be  rejected. It is deviant, and has nothing to do with the natural behaviour of God, that is  according to Gods praises.

Sometimes pirates, the phantom blot, or other “hijab”-wearers are popular among  sectarians, because they wear hijab, not understanding the lacking moral element. And  coupling this to hadith where Mohammed is said to be a robber, suddenly the robber also is  loved, and satan worshipped, as one “fills ones heart with love (worship) of sahabah (the  ancestors)”, as idolaters. And this is probably a good reason why there are muslim gangs,  that claims religious origin. So if you see a “muslim” dressing as a pirate, or thinking  gansta-rap is something, there is a very illogical reason behind. He thinks it is  compatible with his religion.

Some tailors have redefined this style of clothing, and that is ofcourse what one should  do, if one should wear anything similar for practical reasons.

Among the himba-people, headwear is still used to symbolize sexual conduct, and with  elements resembling typical “shamanic” hallucinogen-rituals. The Himba people still talk  of a God that does not have partners. This is the typical association everywhere. With any  association of this type, the lustcultivation may still be under societal rules,  originally from monotheism, more or less. Such as requiring marriage.”The burning love”  some talk about in some religious directions, is actually quite similar. Such as "Jesus  Culture" - "let yourself burn for God etc", or sufis like Rumi, is really satanic, and the  calling on demons. While some of these may have beauty in their faith, ultimately demons  will ruin them.

(4:117) They call on nothing besides him but idols, and nothing but a rebellious Shaytan.

Sunnism has “circumcision”. It seems to be an idolateorus custom meaning "recieving  semen", as a gay idol (like Baal). The Quran (4:119) does not even allow cutting in the  ears of cattle, which is Satan, then cutting in little babies penises should be strictly  forbidden. This can also be interpreted as a ban on genetic manipulation.

Sunnism has external hadith.
The Quran is the only of its kind, and has many verses against external hadith. (7:203)  (33:34) (17:88) (7:185) (6:115) (6:155)

Sunnism quickly calls others apostates, infidels, disbelievers etc.
The Quran forbids slander, and suspicion (49:12).
At the same time, followers of sunnism often cover for eachother (because this is in  external hadith), and is therefore in conflict with true testimony before God. (4:135).  The same behaviour is ofcourse also seen by Donald Duck, a cartoon charatcter inspired by  hallucinogens, who persecutes anyone who does not follow his retarded rules. This is  ofcourse also seen in Orthodox Jews, who can´t switch the lightswitch on Sundays (Sabbath)  and many other odd and satanic rules. They actually require a "shabbos goy", that CAN  switch the lightswitch, because he is simply a heathen. This ofcourse has very little to  do with a religion of God, that is about submission to a God, of the world, and actual  reality.

Sunnis often use the term “kufr” wrongly. Kufr, means covering over religion, and is used  about disbelievers. (polytheists). “You kufrs” are often an expression used by sectarians.  Ofcourse they kufr over the truth all the time, and cover for each other all the time, or  as sahabah (“ancestors”) state in hadith “tell the truth about your friend, and loose your  friend”. - They will have no helpers on the day of reckoning, as The Quran says. And “the  love of sahabah” is ofcourse similar to "the commune" of facistic ideology. Which ofcourse  to any sane man, is satanic and polytheistic. Instead ofcourse worship of God, The  Beneficial, The Most Merciful, is Islam, whose word is The Quran.

Sunnism can be interpreted to allow rape of prisoners of war. (known problem, and defended  by sectarians) Some also claim one can rape non-hijabis. Some go as far as saying one can  rape non-sunnis, which recently was done by a salafi-leader in Syria.  http://www.humanevents.com/2013/04/02/islamic-cleric-rape-of-non-muslim-syrian-women-permi tted/
The Quran equals promiscuity with infidelity/disbelief. (24:3) No prostitution for slaves.  (24:33) No lust-cultivation. (45:23). No fornication, secret concubines (5:5)

Mohammed Asad translation:
70:29 And who are mindful of their chastity,
70:30 [not giving way to their desires] with any but their spouses – that is, those whom  they rightfully possess [through wedlock] -: for then, behold, they are free of all blame,
70:31 whereas such as seek to go beyond that [limit] are truly transgressors;

Sunnism claims that the prophet was illiterate.
The Quran has verses about the prophet reading and writing. (96:4) (17:1) (96:1)

Sunnism claims that Utman collected The Quran.
The Quran has verses about that God collects the Quran, after which Mohammed follows it,  in his time. This is also means that he must have been able to read it.(75:16..75:19)

Sunnism has a concept called “Buraq” a flying horse with human head. The Quran has no such  verses, and the verse that is interpreted by Sunnism to revolve around Buraq, has nothing  to do with “Buraq”. (The prophet visits a mosque and reads verses (17:1) about Moses  Scripture (17:2)). The Buraq seems to be an old babylonian idol, also mentioned in The  Quran, that the angels Harut and Marut taught about, to demonstrate show how the illusions  of idolatry worked “showing discord between man and wife”. (2:102) They later though  turned it into an idol, as The Quran states. The name may also be a combination of Bori,  and Balak, names of Baal and his father, and may be a pedophile association. Variants of  it is also seen among some Zoroastrians, and Assyrians called "human-headed winged lion".  Earlier symbolism is a lion of Baal, and there is a distorted concept of God there, which  Baals father claimed to be, and so hadith-distorters named it Buraq.

Sunnis also often state that "angels are made of light", while The Quran does not state this. The Quran does have verses about "God is the light of the heavens and the earth". (24:35)

Sunnism has a whole of 6 other books, claimed relevant to Islamic law. (Sharia)
The Quran states that one shall have no other judge than God, author of the Quran  (6:114-115). Also can be be understood in the modern sense, that the Quran is the  principal source of law. Not the other 6 books. But the sunnis also claim they are. Even  setting the fallible, a non-monotheistically correct words of hadith, over that of God. In  modern democracy we also have ofcourse the forementioned principle “Lex Naturalis” which  is completely compatible with Islam, and is monotheism. Society has developed and indeed,  no idolaterous hadith about “sahabah” is superior, or better than the people who has  worked for the praises and religion of God, in it.

Aristotles rational first cause argument “Primum Movens” that often is said to be at the  base of the school of logics, can also be reduced to that; There must be one force, and it  must be almighty, and therefore only one. And is a very simple way to understand logical  thinking on God.

Sunnism has “5 pillars of Islam”.
The Quran mentions no “5 pillars”. Instead it teaches universal monotheism. All people  have had their messenger. The Quran (10:47) and many other places. Also The Quran (2:285):  The Messenger believes in the Guidance revealed to him from his Lord and so do the  Believers. They all believe in God, His angels, His books and His Messengers. They say:  “We do not discriminate against anyone of His Messengers.” And they say: “We hear and we  obey. Grant us Your forgiveness, O Lord; to You we shall all return.” – No pillared hadith  here. Also in The Quran: God is He Who raised the heavens without any pillars that you  see.. (13:2)

Sunnism teaches emulation of people in hadith, and deviant behaviour.
The Quran teaches ssubmission to God, Lord of The world, and a religion of natural  behaviour, where mankind is created according to this pattern.  (30:30). And where deviant  behaviour is Satan, the idolater and disbeliever. The polytheist of many strange  idolaterous rules.

Sunnism teaches that people in hadith are the best.
The Quran teaches that The Godconscious are the best (49:13)

Sunnism teaches “Gods messenger and partners” (prophet and sahabah, prophets umma, the  companions of the prophet, etc). And have gone from claiming Mohammed in hadith explains  the Quran, to expanding this to his “partners” who also now is said to explain The Quran.  All the deviance, the sects are criticised for, one finds in hadith. And looking at their  theology, it is clear that they do not understand The Quran or worships God, and  his good  names. These people are not really muslim. Satan is a firedemon.
The most fundamental teaching of The Quran is, “God does not have partners”. The whole  salafism/hadithism/sahabaism is ofcourse ancestral worship, and idolatry, which evolved to  “king and fatherland”-idolatry, and nationalism, and many of the same people are  nationalists or occupied with race. Which ofcourse are associated with extreme ideologies  such as nazism, and also which "royal bloodlines" are a variation of. And maybe lesser  known in the west, is that the same racism, is the same in interpretations of Judaism,  that focuses on Judahs race. Which might just aswell be the aryan race. This text deals  with sunnism though, but the same irrationality in Judaism or any other religion,  philosophy or view on reality, is ofcourse just as critiqueable. Even if these people call  themselves atheists, which really all this is. Disbelief, and what polytheism is. Atheism  is lalso ofcourse polytheism, claiming objects are selfcreated and praise science, and  other things, in worship of several things that equate their gods.

Sunnism often also teaches that “music is forbidden” and interpret it in different degree.  Some mean only song “is not music”. Unfortunately there is also “gangsta-rap muslim” that  talks and behaves like drugs and prostitution is central, and say it is legal because “rap  is not music”.This is ofcourse highly irrational, of the degree typical in sunnism.

Art and culture can be fantastic and beautiful, and a strong factor and driving force, for  Gods cause. God himself says that he supported David who was a prophet (!) and a musician  (!).

Translation of 34:10 is a bit varying, so I quote the whole verse after my understanding:
34:10 “And we supported David with our grace, “O Mountains! Join him in his praises of  God! And you birds also! And We melted the iron for him”.

People who have musical skill, should ofcourse be allowed to work with that. David  ofcourse worked with music, and in The Bible, uses musical instruments. But ofcourse  moderated by the values of Islam, no-promiscuity, no-homophilia, no-intoxicants,  no-criminality.

Sunnism: 4:34 is often interpreted as a verse that allows abuse.
(30:21) “Among His signs is that He created for you spouses from among yourselves, in  order to have tranquility and contentment with each other. He places in your heart love  and care towards your spouses. In this, there are signs for people who think.”
The Quran has a general theme of that misconduct, promiscuity, untrustworthyness, belongs  to the disbeliever. Disbelievers are forbidden to marry.
So 4:34 should be understood as, warn, stop marital relations, divorce.

Sunnism has hadith about giving bones in charity, ordered by the messenger of God, Lord Of  The world. This clearly is attributing false teachings to God. Imagine if we were to  distribute bones to the poor, as a welfare-state. Indeed the tax and charity in Islam, are  earlier versions of the same concept. But sunnis rather uphold giving bones, which  ofcourse is an insult, similar to a button in collection for christians. One should  ofcourse also cultivate forth an economy based on healthy products, also food, and not  sell unhealthy food to ones citizens. The Quran contains statements like “deal justly”,  “don´t be niggardly”, etc.

Sunnism has hadith about flies. Where if a fly enters your drink, just dip the other wing,  because it has the cure. So if the flies come frow a cowdung, they claim one should dip  the other wing. This is ofcourse utterly repulsive, and says much about the level of  interpretation they accept as “Gods religion”. Mindless and satanic.

Sunnis generally show little understanding of (32:9), which states that “then he formed  him, and breathed in him some of his spirit of life, giving you hearing, sight and mind”.  Instead most of them indeed fiercely oppose any such notion. And many again talks of this  as disbelief. The sufis emphasise this, but then turns it into pantheism which is wrong.  Instead ofcourse the actual verse, should be accepted instead of distorted “esoteric  religion”. And the sufis are known for lovepoetry, while The Quran calls the poets  deviant. Many of them popular among sunnis, despite their claims of disbelief, not having  the rational ability to connect these. And the “love of sahabah” seems also to come from  it. And many criticise the sufis for taking “sufism” to the “red light districts”.  Ofcourse if Satan, the lustcultivator is present, that is the natural direction. Many  sunnis also believe in the sufi-concept of “lower soul”, and mistakes it for “nafs”.  “Nafs” means self, not “lower soul”. Many sunnis do not understand and still states “it is  because of the nafs”, and starts talking about desires and lower soul, and while the  correct monotheism is ofcourse all the verses about satanic demon.

Verses that correctly deal with many sufistic themes:

(11:123) To God belongs the hidden of the heavens and the earth, and by him all matters  are decided. So worship him, and trust in him. God is not ignorant of what you do.

(57:3) should probably read more like “He is the first, and the last, the hidden and the  present, and he is fully aware all things”.

Phrases like “God holds the keys to the hidden”, should be translated with “hidden”  aswell, probably.

(48:4) It is He Who sent down tranquillity into the hearts of the Believers, that they may  add faith to their faith;- for  Allahs is the Forces of the heavens and the earth; and  Allah is Full of Knowledge and Wisdom;-

Some sufis also use the misconstructed term “Wali Allah”.
The Quran: “Know you not that it is God to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and  the earth? And besides God you have neither any Wali (protector or guardian) nor any  helper.” (32:4)

Do also note that translations of “heavens” denote plurality in the original scripture. As  The Quran has seven heavens “created above eachother”.

“Allah is He Who created seven heavens, and earths as many. The command descends through  all of them,  so you may know that Allah has power over all things and that Allahs  knowledge covers all things. (65:12)

Other translated statements distorted to support sects/idolatry/pantheism, should be  ignored.

(26:78) It is he who created me, and he who guides me.

Everything in the heavens and the earth is in submission to God. (3:83)

Sufis often think they can override the morality of The Quran, and in no way is this true  ofcourse.

(35:41)  God sustains the heavens and the earth, unless they collapse, and if they should  collapse, no one can sustain them after him.

And Paradise replaces the heavens and earth. (3:133)

"And hasten to forgiveness from your Lord; and a Garden, the wastness of the heavens and  the earth, that is prepared for those who are godconscious".

Islam ofcourse also means “Submission”.

The Quran states: Allah is the caretaker of those who believe. He bringeth them out of  darkness into light. As for those who disbelieve, their patrons are false deities. They  bring them out of light into darkness. Such are rightful owners of the Fire. They will  abide therein. (2:257)

Most of these groups have gone far away from The Quran, follow instead sectarian Imams,  and claim “Mohammed is their leader”. While ofcourse in The Quran, it is God who gives  guidance, and whom one prays to for the right lead.

Sunnis are proud, to manage doing their 5-prayer ritual with obsessive compulsive  repetitions. (many sectarians also claim they suffer from this.)
In The Quran, Satan is of the proud, while God states he has made religion easy  (submission). And The Quran also states that the prayer of disbelievers is in vain, and  that “God guides not disbelievers”.

In Sunnism one is not allowed to interpret. So the usual retoric from sunnis is “I am not  allowed to interpret, but this verse says..” – While The Quran says, “for those who  reflect”, “for those who posess sense”, “hast thou no sense”, “so that you may reflect”,  and that the disbelievers have “minds they do not use”, etc.

Also for some reason in sectarian forums, camels seem to be very popular, and some state  “where God guides my camel”. Please do not follow your camel. Submit to God, Lord of The  world. That is Islam. And instead ofcourse (7:40) "To those who reject our letters and  treat them with arrogance, no opening will there be of the gates of heaven, nor will they  enter the garden, until the camel passes through the eye of a needle: Such is Our  recompense for those in sin.

Sunnism claims that the Quran was revealed in 23 years.
The Quran says it was revealed in the month of Ramadan.. And with the exact phrase, “as a  guidance for mankind, with clear verses and the criterion”. Not hadith. And ofcourse being  the clear verses and criteria itself. Not hadith. (2:185) And ofcourse all the hadith that  claims to speak of these 23 years are false.

The Quran is also called “The Furqan” since it distinguishes between right and wrong  (25:1), also in (3:4), (8:29).

(3:104) Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good,  enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong.

(3:110) Ye are the best community that hath been raised up for mankind. Ye enjoin right  conduct and forbid indecency; and ye believe in Allah.

(2:225) The right direction is henceforth distinct from error.

And ofcourse the illogical logic of following hadith, when there were no hadith in  Mohammeds time, and he himself follows The Quran. (7:203) and his wifes (33:34), and GOD  says to follow The Quran  (75:18) and that he will explain it. (75:19). – No hadith.

In Sunnism many claim that “hikma” means hadith, despite of the above verses, and obvious  logic. Hikma means wisdom, and The Quran, refers to itself as wisdom. And the distortions  are ofcourse wisdomless.

In Sunnism many believe in a return of Jesus because this is in hadith, and alter  Quran-verses to support it.

The verse as it is distorted as in many translations:


“And (Jesus) shall be a Sign (for the coming of) the Hour (of Judgment): therefore have no  doubt about the (Hour), but follow ye Me: this is a Straight Way.”

While clearly, looking at the verse, it follows the previous verse, and it is angels that  would be a sign of judgement day. No return of Jesus in The Quran.

The right meaning and translation:

43:60 And had We willed We could have replaced among you angels to be viceroys in the  earth.
43:61 That would indeed be a sign of the Hour. Have no doubt about it, and follow Me. This  is the right way.

Sunnis often uphold a hadith that states that the initials often seen in The Quran can not  be translated. However they often indicate the content coming. For instance a translation  would be “T.T.B. (T)his is (t)he (b)ook, which is a guidance..”

Sunnis also often claim the "We" used in the Quran is "royal". I think one should avoid  that association, but rather when a messenger speaks on the behalf of another, and agrees,  then ofcourse it is "We".

Sunnis have hadith about Mohammed being bewitched, stating Mohammed says:
“the water was red.. and the date-palm trees look like the heads of devils”.  Some of this  seems borrowed from descriptions of hell. Mohammed a messenger of God, and establisher of  peace, in a hellish state? Such a graceful message, must be a joy to deliver, and this is  obviously wrong. Some hadith say he turned “red in the face before the revelations came”.  And “heard bells”. Several hadith claims he was suicidal, because his uncle died, and he  had recieved “revelations”. That sounds like an ill man. Nowhere does such a state, lead  to revelations. It does however resemble how “berserkers” are described aswell. Which also  are known for their “jihad”. “Sunna Mohammed”? I hope not.
The Quran states: “The evil say: You follow a man bewitched.” (25:8)  Obviously these evil  people must have written a lot of hadith, and that is who sunnis follow, when they follow  these hadith. Quran (81:22): Your companion is not mad.

Sunnis often have an interpretation that disallows faces on pictures. Where they have cut  off their heads on the pictures, that otherwise stands on tables as elsewhere, which is  bizarre. This has nothing to do with The Quran at all. It may come from the interpretation  that Mohammed is not to be depicted. Which is not in The Quran either. And they are to  follow his “sunna”. Which already is explained, that there is no such “sunna”. However as  intepretation got worse and worse, people started cutting off their heads on pictures  aswell. Headless idols are in early fertilitycults aswell, where ofcourse intelligence is  not used. Idolaters have ears, eyes and minds they do not use. We have ofcourse photograps  today, and they do not need to be extremely large ofcourse. A more document-oriented size,  is fine many places. And better no image, than a headless one ;)  Also, in these internet  days, one should be careful of sharing information online, as one has the potential to  reach all of the world, and their critics. Personal blogs, and chats seem to be bothered  by unserious writers, commenters and moderators, without any knowledge of law and  demorcratic or theocratic structures.

Sunnis “kiss” the house of Abraham when on “hajj”. Being obscene with peoples houses,  sleeping on the ground, and throwing rocks. These were not the original happenings here,  and sense must be used in conjunction with this. These customs are from hadithists. And in  this people are even stampeded to death!  And Bacca is the name of the place of The Kaba,  while  "Mecca" a valley.

The Quran: (3:19) Surely the (true) religion with Allah is Submission, and those to whom  the Book had been given did not show opposition but after knowledge had come to them, out  of envy among themselves; and whoever disbelieves in the communications of Allah then  surely Allah is quick in reckoning.

And again no hadith, for Islam. The Book, as in all the other verses.

Many sunnis believe in “abrogation”, and claim verses of The Quran, are replaced by other  verses of The Quran, and are irrelevant. The Quran: “No abrogation” (2:106)

Many sunnis believe Mohammed performed a “splitting of the moon miracle”, according to  hadith. Referring (54:1), which usually is poorly translated. Instead it is about The Day  of Reckoning,  and these clearly false stories of Mohammed must be disregarded.” The hour  is near, and the moon is cleft”. Cleaved in two, probably a rendition of "half".

Some sunnis claim that Allah is the only right name of God. Allah is a contraction of Al  Ilah, which means The Divine. Arabic speaking christians also use Allah. So it equates  God. "God" is a regional variation of other terms that also meant "The Divine", so most  likely the same.
The Quran: Call on Allah, or call on The Most Merciful, Whichever name you call, to him  belongs all good names. (17:110)  

God,sent down revelations delivered by prophets, to all people, then ofcourse using native  language. And The Prophet and messenger Mohammed, was the last messenger. (2:213)  (33:40)   (2:97)

Sunnis claim that there was satanic verses in The Quran, and Bukhari hadith states that  polytheists bowed in prayer with them, when they heard these verses. As if Mohammed was  completely ignorant, and did not follow The Qurans most basic teaching "do not attribute  partners to God". This is ofcourse completely made up. Not only do the verse deny the  idols gay distribution of “men for men only, and females for the idol”, but if these  verses instead supported these polytheistic idols, as “exalted cranes” it would support  gay men for men only. And this Bukhari claimed they bowed to. It is ofcourse offensive.  The Quran goes on to say that their ancestors made it up. And one gets an idea of the  typical morality of idol-worshippers. On wikipedia, Allat-idols seem to be a variation on  Ishtar-idols. Al-Uzza seems like a more greek/roman style idol, and an  “Aphrodite”/”Venus”-variation of the same, Afrodite also being Ishtar. And Manat was said  to be a wife of the idol Hubal (Baal), and Anat, Tanit is also an alternative name of  Ishtar. Elsewhere also Ishtar and Baal is worshipped, for instance in Sodom. Hubal might  be a variation of the names Ishtar (Hu) and Baal, Ishtar often depicted as standing on top  of Baal.

According to various sources Sodom worshipped fertility-gods, chief among them were  Baal/Ashtoreth (Astarte, Asherah, Ishtar, Aphrodite, Venus, Qetesh, Shauskha, etc are  other names of the same, widely problematic idol at the time.) This was the female goddess  of war and fertility. Her temples were temples of prostitution and intoxicant-use. Her  worship practices was prostitution, with worshippers having payed sex with Baal or Ishtar  (mostly Baal it seems, while Ishtar was advertised), or representatives. The priests or  male prostitutes, according to Unger, who were consecrated to her cult were called  qedishim, ‘sodomites’ (1. Kings 14:24; 15:12; 22:46 Deuteronomy 23:18)”.

God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. And also in The Bible, the worshippers of Baal are  executed.

Parallels today are ofcourse clubs where intoxicants are sold, and sexual advertising,  that sells a product using sex, to make money. On average, really the same, and the whole  of society that prostitutes their own, because they think they will be idols, and make  money. Reflecting the lack of sense of all idolaters ofcourse. In the extreme, it  resembles satanic ritual abuse.

The hadith itself can also be said to be slander, depicting Mohammed as a Satan, and seen  as a part of a trend, with many other hadith that depicts him similary. And sects lack the  sense to not include it into their religion. Fiercely reacting at Mohammed-drawings, yet  defending the most offensive satanic and false depictions of him in hadith. To claim “love  of Mohammed and Sahabah” with such stories, is ofcourse a clear mistake.

Mohammed is the seal of the prophets. Sunnis have hadith that state “(Mohammed) washed  himself and I drank from the remaining water. I stood behind him and saw the seal of  Prophethood between his shoulders”. The textwriter does not understand that “seal of the  prophet” means he was the final prophet, and delivered the final word of God. Not a symbol  on his back. The hadithcollectors does also not understand, and none of the ones who has  branded this “sahih hadith”. Which means “sound (sensible)” and authentic. Which ofcourse  it is not. Not only does it claim it is a physical sign, but the author states to have  drunk from his washing water. Obviously being an odd character, who does what few does.  Many hadith contain the same satanic imagery. Shia also has hadith where Mohammed states  Ali is “the seal of the believers”. Ofcourse this is a similar wrong teaching. Ali was not  the last believer.

Sunni-hadith states that there was 360 idols at the Kaba. 360 idols inside one building is  extremely rare, and found nowhere. Typically idolaterous shrines contain only a few idols.  Other hadith states that there were idols in there, from biblical people shooting  divination arrows. Which sounds like the idol of Asshur. Some claim it was a shrine to  Hubal. The hadith that tells of Hubal also has extreme exaggarations, claiming that a  hundred camels was to be sacrificed to consult the idol, and here also talk about spinning  or shooting arrows, to “get the answer” (?).  What actually was there, cannot be said  ofcourse. But 360 must be wrong. There are many wrong numbers in hadith. Since Hubal seems  to be Baal, and connected to Manat, Allat and Al-Uzza all variations on Ishtar, these were  probably the idols at the idolaterous Kaba. So since the Quran mentions games of chance,  and intoxicants, it was a typical “temple of Ishtar”, maybe with a percursor to the  Dart-game, gay prostitution, and intoxicants, and idols (more like todays posters) of  Ishtar.

Instead of hadith, pre-islamic sources, before hadith, seems to give a better historical  picture, and also gives some clues on who for instance, the sabeans were, (saba tribe)  etc. Thamud (a tribe). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pre-Islamic_Arabia

It is also worth nothing that the word now known as “Gehenna” what is translated as Hell,  might have an origin, in ancient Jerusalem, called “Valley of the Son of Hinnom”, where  Baal (usually meaning a gay prostitute who claimed to be a god) was worshipped. Sunnis are  influenced by Baal-worship from their hadith, and should ofcourse have a serious personal  acknowledgement to rid themselves of it. And all influences of gay prostitute worship.

Baal may have been part of a family-line that prostituted their own, and Ishtar was his  sister. When they are talked about as “gods”, this might be better understood as “kings  and queens” of fertility-cultism. Some art suggests that Baal later may be a king (Shar-Kali-Sharri).  This before the more typical  monarchic version today, where "the knight" gets "the princess".. And this is really a  stage between simpler fertility-cults and monarchy. Earlier phase being  fertilitygod-worship, that becomes Göbekli Tepe / Stonehenge type hunting/slaughter  “sacrificial grounds”. Which later are citadels and castles, in agricultural times. Such  as the time of Baal and Ziggurats. Ziggurats being facistic idolaterous contructs and  called “watchhouses” in Mandean (Manda-Yah, probably a variant reading of Bibli-Yah, or  The Book of God) litterature, while mandeans have houses “of light”.  And that people are  paranoid because of the other, no doubt due to their polytheistic stories, and  intoxicant-use. (A facistic citadel). And that this refined to a “princess in a  castle”-type scenario, because the prostitute was worshipped, and they earned money and  status this way. Maybe until “the queen” was respected by idolaters, for that everyone  wanted her, and so it refined into a system where one of the idols of the people,  “heroes”, were picked, to get her. All really based on an illusion of idols, and false  religion, and no claims to any land, is authentic.

Such themes are ofcourse forbidden in The Quran, it is far above such things that belongs  to idolaters. Satan is an idolater, and “follows his desire” (Quran), and idolatry is of  Satan (Quran).

"Whore" is derived from Isthar also. (Har) That makes both “whore” and “gay” derived of  Ishtar, and Baal (Sodom). Idolaters follow simply deviance.

In The Quran it is said about Sodom: “You have committed lewdness like none before you has committed”.

A typical variant of idolatry seems in reality to be about prostitution, and the  fertility-gods of earlier people, are really less developed versions of the same. And this  which developed into temples of prostitution, monarchy and intoxicant-use (idolatry) and  that later became bars and clubs, still present in many modern democracies. Phrases translated as king, such as in Ebla, may not be about monarchy though, since they elect these, more like a democracy. One should  ofcourse have intoxicant-free alternatives, and bars and clubs are today the highest risk  place, of encountering blind violence and sexual diseases. And ofcourse shame. Instead  ofcourse one set things right for the possibility of marriage in an early age, and the  “legacy of Ishtar” will be less attractive. And ofcourse the disbelievers are forbidden  for marriage.

Sunnis often state a “sahih” hadith that claims Mohammed said “I was given The Quran ,and  its equal”. And often claims this equal is hadith.
The Quran: “Say: If the whole of mankind and Jinns were to gather together to produce the  like of this Qur’an, they could not produce the like thereof, even if they backed up each  other with help and support”. (17:88)

The hadith is ofcourse the demons that equate liberal politics in many places. Idols are  many places in the world, and it is the same distortion of religion. Without distortion  there is only one religion. Monotheism, decent and conservative human values. Distorted  religion serves only Satan, fantasy and unreality, and Satan is an enemy to humans.

The Quran is unique, and ofcourse good guidance, in such a moral decay.

(9:34) O ye who believe! Many of the rabbis and the priests devour the wealth of mankind  wantonly and debar (men) from the way of God. They who hoard up gold and silver and spend  it not in the way of God, unto them give tidings of a painful doom.

That of having a dynamic economy "spend of Gods provisions" make sense. People like Saddam  Hussein did not understand this, and Iraq should be happy to have him removed. The money  does no good lying unused. This actually is true for movements like open-source aswell,  which is a totemic culture around a cow-idol of Stallman, where people low get nothing,  and people at the top get much, and only iterate hacker-myths. It has no place in a  dynamic economy either, and should be rejected as society has rejected facism many  times.North Korea uses Linux now, and calls it "their own OS". North-Korean leaders have  killed their own family-members, and Linus Torvalds is known for his temper, and  statements on killing for the littlest of things, like similar facist sects.

Sunnism is a sect, and many of them believe in hadith about a “saved sect” among 72. Some  vary 73. 72 is from ancient egyptian idolatry that states: “Osiris had been hunted down  and hacked to pieces by his rival brother Set with the help of 72 accomplices”.
In The Quran, sects are disallowed. (6:159) (30:32)

Sunnis often talk about a hadith that talks about "99 names of God". This is from a distortion of Tengri-religion, where there is "99 Tngri".

The name sunni itself refers “Sunna Mohammed”, which does not exist, which later grew to  the ancestral worship of the “salafi” (ancestors). These ancestor-stories are mostly made  up and influenced by idolatry of the time or earlier.  In The Quran, it is stated several  times, that the idolaters were “just following in the ways of their forefathers”. One of  the prayers in The Quran is also “must God not try us, as he has tried earlier  generations”. (2:286)

Sunnism, the rightly criticised “brother” of Islam. Do not follow any sects like them.
Unfortunately although Shia seem generally more rational, they too have their moments of  hadith. The general emphasis on “the imams” resembles a bit the hadithism of sunnis, and  many false hadith exist about Ali.Tthere have ofcourse been shia imams, but the number is  not important, or much of the stories. While Khomenei seem to moderate music according to  what he believed to be muslim values. Khamenei has stated that he thinks music is not  related to Islam. Which again seems like the common exaggarations from hadith. But Shiism,  and Irans Theocracy still represent some of the most advanced mainstream interpretation of  Islam today.  Unfortunately Khomeini still approved a flag, that still is a  totemic/phallic idol, that should have gone out with the monarchy.

Many in the west rarely seem to understand, and the liberal media continues their decadent  self-neglecting values. But the quranical correctness of no overcommercialization, no  decadent marketing,  no interests in banks, no psychology where religion is crazy,and  similar things, must ofcourse be respected.

Unserious "Quran Alone" directions must ofcourse also be criticised. Satan should for  instance, not be explained away, such as some sects, or sufis that claim "satan is good",  showing no understanding of the moral lack of idolatry, or the facistic element. Or claims  that "Satan was an angel", ignoring the Quran, for distorted christianity. Some also put  emphasis on a “19 miracle” which I don`t see related to Islam, as some start reading their  names into the Quran by it, and thus disqualifies as serious research. The original verse  is about 19 angels above hellfire. And the linguistic accuracy of the Quran is evidence  enough. (4:82). The former "fundamentalist" Quran-alone “19″er Edip Yuksel, who agrees  with much of this, calls it infidelity, not to accept the 19-miracle, and goes into fits  about “the ungrateful” disbelievers. Having no idea, if those he criticises are grateful  to God or not. Showing he is still the same fundamentalist.
And the online “free-minds” forum he visits, that claims to be Quran Alone Islam, is led  by Layth al-Shayban who claims alcohol is legal in The Quran. This is also unserious  interpretations. They have also moderated in favour of dangerous synasthesia-causing  LSD-like drugs, refusing criticism. In this forum, also also a group who calls themselves  “Quranists”, who support gays, and seem to be "gay" themselves. This forum has no  relevance to a serious follower of The Quran. I did also discuss with their leader Farouk  A. Peru, and he hid his support of the gays, while on his website supporting them. And it  was quite a scene, where a satanic blackmetal-rocker feminist, or some such thing, would  come to his defense. Neither Satan, feminism, homophilia or blackmetal is ofcourse  Islamic. And ofcourse neither “masculinism”, or idolatry, but rather Submission, To God,  Lord Of The world. The phrase Quranist seems mostly used by them, and indeed nobody is a  Quranist, any more than they are a Biblist. Islamist is also a similar nonsensical phrase.  “Quran-alone” follower though, is something many use, and seems to capture the most  linguistically correct version, of this (more rational) interpretation. Some also use the  term “Ahle Quran” (People of The Quran). Some also claim it is a liberal movement which is  wrong. The Quran has conservative values, no-promiscuity, no-intoxicants, no-homophilia,  no-criminality (transgression), and teaches good behaviour, and conservative clothing. And  ofcourse monotheism and godconsciousness. God without partners. Islam meaning Submission.  In the original arabic, with peace as root word, possibly giving a nuance of “Peaceful  submission”. A principle one can see in for instance, the Iranian revolution, which is  said to be non-violent. Which was ofcourse also about good conduct and and conservative  values, and so is also said to have redefined the meaning of “revolution”. “I have  submitted myself to the Lord of The world” – (Abraham) Quran (2:131)

The challenge that then comes, must be to respect actual monotheistic developments, while  removing the influence of unserious hadith, or other unserious scholarships.

The best interpretation of religion on average today, is somewhere between Shia-Islam and  Quran Alone Islam. In Shiism, criticism of hadith is often ujnderstood, people like Sheik  Feiz is generally understood to be irrational. And they have a working theocracy with many  muslim principles involved. A "quranization" of this, would probbly be the best  development further, removing the idolatry of imams, or "be the centerpiece" (idol) hadith  of Ali, etc. (Obviously as made up.)

Ahl Al-Rai (the people of rhetorical theology) vs Ahl Al-Hadith (the people of hadith) may  be the historical version of the conflict. And this is ofcourse rhetorical theology, and  rejection of hadith and "Ghazalis" absurd "finalization".

And absurd, discussions with the disagreeing have been.f

After I wrote an article on the norwegian “utrop”-site, refuting extremism, where I  mentioned an irrational Imam on youtube, Sheik Feiz, (another salafi) who claimed that  Allah had two right hands, when the Quran clearly states he allegorically has left and  right, I was again offended by these people who disagreed.. In the comment field I also  mentioned a hadith where Allah would get upset when one went to natures “bathrooms” in  groups. Again the sectarian would defend it. The most feebleminded idiocy they will  defend, and provoke rational people, again ofcourse since "Baal" tries to provoke gay  intercourse. This is the only "god" they worshipped. They never knew Allah. Later a  sectarian wrote a response to the article. Her article is full of contradictions, of the  similar lack of intelligence as Feiz, and it even uses gambling language. "I see your 5  and raise you 10" etc. Obviously these sects attract the most difficult of elements. A  sectarian in Norway, was even found using his social welfare money for gambling, while he  tried to run a vocal sectarian movement called "The Prophets Umma", which also was a  variation on the "sahaba"-worship.

She was a moderator on the norwegian site Islam.no. Where also Basim Ghozlan has made  himself noticed with the statement “kill is a cuddleword”. Because his father always told  him that he should kill him.
It`s quite a crowd there. Another who had moderator-status there, states on her blog (Lene  Tufte) “I thought Mohammed was born of a man”.
On the frontpage of Islam.no was embarrased children.
Mohammed Amarzgououi states “fill your heart with the love of sahaba”, supposedly a  scientist, and proudly stated by some others, however only enabling this bimbo/gay  nonsense. Which really is ancestor-idolatry. (satanic worship, salafism). Which is  ofcourse the extreme schism of many "nerds", who do not understand morality, but rather  are totemists, thinking the bully (facist) is his idol.
Saxelin (also moderator i the same time period) herself has stated “Become idols to your  children”. (Idolatry being the one fundamental thing that is forbidden in Islam).
Another woman stated she did not understand Islam at home, but when she went to their  mosque, she understood it. When she got attention in the mosque, and got red in the face.  Believe it or not, but red faces and embarrasment seems almost like an ideal there,  together with "love of Sahaba", which no doubt would turn shameful sooner or later.
Linda Alzaghari also active at islam.no, argues that relationships to dark footballidols  behind parents back is good. Which is completely unislamic, no muslim parents would agree.  Instead it is ofcourse bimbo, driven by desires, who advocates this. Satan follows his  desire (Quran).
Again also ofcourse, Shoaib Sultan, active at islam.no speaks of genetic manipulation of  humans, yet alteration of Gods creation is forbidden in Islam.  Amarzgououi also states  that cutting in babies penises, (circumcision) is strong sunna, and “one cannot just  ignore clear hadith” on this, abusing his own children, in an act that has nothing to do  with honest worship or praise of God.
Maulana Tehsin claims to be an imam, states not only “hadith is Gods word”, but that he is  "not of the godfearing", yet claims to be an “imam”. The Quran says its reading and prayer  is for godfearingness/godconsciousness, and a leader (imam) of religious society says he  is not godconscious? He does though give the impression that he never really actually read  The Quran, but says senseless things, again a provocation, a follower of Rumi, and for gay  intercourse like Baal. God states "we assign devils as intimate partners for  disbelievers".

It is ofcourse not only islam.no, but the similarminded islamnet.no aswell censors posts  discussing this.. And Tehsin runs imam.no, with a mindset more like Sheik Feiz..

Islamnet was also not allowed as studentunion, at UIO, a university, after where Fahad  Qureshi, leader, claimed they were discriminated. And in their own forum, one gets  discriminated all the time. Clear Hypocrisy.

Sunnism is ofcourse completely irrational, and one can understand those who are concerned  about the growth of such interpretations. PST (Norwegian security service) labeled it a  threat to the Norwegian democracy, and one can clearly see that principles of freedom of  religion, and freedom of speech is not respected here.

Sunnism has its name from “sunna”, (refuted above) which is in hadith-texts. And hadith  are very poor sources for historic events. Not anything that would be accepted in the  west, and that is the typical western stand on hadith. Some sects talk about a science of  hadith, but one can obviously see that there is no such science here. And there is no  scientific or logical thinking among those who uphold them. They think they even refute  rational thinking, as related to Islam, neglecting clear verses in The Quran about "those  with a clear mind", "those who posess sense", "those who reflect", etc.

In my near 15 years of research and discussion, I must have seem a thousand, and only  found very few, that seem related to anything authentic. And in the whole of this time,  hadiths have been mostly useless, and seemed indeed to instead be the biggest obstacle to  anyones Islam, since they include many idolaterous elements. Also many of the populary  recited ones. And it seems difficult elements obsess with these, and associate them with  the Quran. Which is what idolatry is, and strictly forbidden in The Quran.

To claim there is any responsibility on believers, to believe in these, or sift them out,  or make some claims on which of them is real, or who the author is, is ofcourse  irrational. Hadiths must be seen as texts outside Gods word, with narration chains added  later, and the same status as any text outside Gods word. And when subjected to reason  ofcourse, one finds them a highly unreliable source. And no demand can be made to include  them in any religious belief.

“If they turn away, your only duty is to deliver the message”. (16:82) (no hadith).

Indeed The Quran, states it is sufficient for Islam.

And God teaches The Quran.

55:1   The Most Merciful
55:2   Taught the Qur’an,
55:3   Created man,
55:4   And taught him eloquence.

Do right according to God, and do not follow the pseudo-muslim sects.

“If anyone desires another religion than submission, it will not be accepted of him” –  (3:85)

It is ofcourse a religion of universal concepts such as decency, honesty, respectability.  It has nothing to do with deviant sects.

In Islam, Satan is also called Iblis (The Despaired).

(15:39) He said: “My Lord, for the reason that that you have misled me, I will beautify  for them what is on the earth, and I will mislead them all.”
(15:40) “Except Your servants among them, the devoted ones.”
(15:41) He said: “This is a right way with Me.”
(15:42) “For My servants, you shall have no authority over them, except those who are  misled and follow you.”
(15:43) “And that Hell shall be their gathering place, all of them.”
(15:44) “It has seven gates, for every gate, a segment of them.”
(15:45) “The Rightheous (Those who do right) will be in gardens and springs”.
(15:46) “Enter it in peace and security.”

Praised Be God, The Lord Of The World,The Beneficial, Most Merciful.

He shares divinity with none.

Peace Be With You.


Psychology/Psychiatry has a basis in much nonsense. While Freuds Penis and Libodo, is  supposedly an approving totem, for an oversexualized society, and no real criticism is done here, it only appeals to rapists and anti-psychotics are based in LSD-like  substances, and lobotomy.


While Jens (norwegian prime minister) himself praises "The Wall" hero Bob Geldof proudly.


The problem goes deep, and down to the fact that Norwegian culture, has a basis in  distorted religion, just like "the east" is often said to be negative, because of  ancestor-worship (salafi), that really is a fertility-cult.

Here an Africa-woman with her synasthesia-fertility-doll that means she wants children.


The egyptian "ankh" is really also a fertility-doll:


Still among as this:


And in the Sigrid-trial (major media covered case in Norway) psychiatrist Ann Lill Ørbeck,  sat with a hallucinogenic ring on her, supposedly voicing "expert" opinion. That  symbolises "psychiatrist" or something like that, to the reduced consciousness of LSD  users. Part of the same symbolism. The symbolism is a part of what is called "the whispers  of Satan". In other articles she has hallucinogenic art, like one called "executive  functions".


While she claims demons do not exist, she regularly speaks to them on LSD, and make art inspired by them.

Other things claimed good by Shamans are urotherapy (urine drinking) and headelongation  (conehead), and others. Completely without a rational basis. Psychiatry has also believed  in shock-treatment, that also is completely nonsensical.

If one wants the oversexualized society gone, and send a clear message to abusers, one  needs to fix these things. This is also what original monotheism does. It has no crucifix,  no fertilitydolls, sexidols, underwear posters, gangsters in media, judaic star, pantheism  or other things. And encourages a conversative clothing style, and high morality. Where  Satan is a demon, which one shall not follow in the footsteps of. And ofcourse this should  be supported by "fundamental democratic principles as freedom of religion, and  expression". Atleast that is a sentence many is fond of saying.

And this nonsense should be removed:


The (norwegian) Government Lion - a totem-animal, that means following ones lust.


Oslo City Hall, "acidtrip"-image of "St. Hallvard" with a derogatory view on women, and  really the same as the lion.

Totem-cultivators, are ultranationalists today, and Breiviks (norwegian massmurderer) two  other cells, are ofcourse "Fjordman" and "Lionheart", that he voices in this way. This  psychiatry did not understand, and saw tics and many others things, completely deluded. No expertise there. While monotheism teaches about idolaters.

"Kongsbergs" (Kingshill) emblem has again a man with a divided head.


Our Lord is One. He has no partners.

Mark 12:29 "The most important one," answered Jesus, "is this: 'Hear, O Israel: The Lord  our God, the Lord is one.

Peace Be With You.


A well-translated prayer is important for correct godconsciousness:


"In the name of God, The Beneficial, Most Merciful.
Praised be God, The Lord of The World, The Beneficial, Most Merciful.
Posessor of The Day of Reckoning.
Only you we worship, and only you we ask for help.
Lead us on the straight way, the way of those you have blessed.
Not the way of those who incurred your wrath, and not those who go astray."


“I Guds navn, Den Velgjørende, Høyst Nådige.
Priset være Gud, Verdens Herre, Den Velgjørende, Høyst Nådige.
Besitter av Oppgjørets Dag.
Bare deg tilber vi, og bare deg ber vi om hjelp.
Led oss på den rake vei, veien til de du har velsignet.
Ikke veien til de som pådro seg din vrede, og ikke de som går feil.”

Peace Be With You.


Religion in practise will become politics.

A system or government should only enable the Godcreated individual, within conservative human values.

Exaggaration of the commune, and make commonalities where there are none, is actually  facistic ideology, and oppression of the natural man. Meaningless and irrational slavery  to an ideological concept, that is not real.

God is without any pantheon. And public instances should only exist if needed. And situations of care should be disassociated from the teachings of psychiatry.

Digitization of government principles will also be an enormous effectivization, and a public network (for instance, instead of state owned TV), where people can have a profile, sell and make money on digital goods, and make transactions, advertise and search on qualities, would be good for stimulation of an intelligent economy, and media culture. Moderation of this should ofcourse only be by relevant law, and those involved with it,  in accordance to democratic principles like other places, without bias from laymen.

Praised Be God, Lord Of The World, Whom Teaches By The Pen., Whom We Worship. The Beneficial, The Most Merciful.

Peace Be With You.