Welcome to Adam, the indecisives planet, and Eva, the offerer of the forbidden fruit. 

What are we doing here? We are here, to praise the Lord, it says in The Quran. 

Here we are, and the believers perfect themselves, the cows are grazing in the fields, and the nonbelievers are just making noise. 

There can also be a lot of noise, about belief. So let us summarize the one true belief, stated in the one book of God, The Quran, The religion of God, Islam. The reality, whereby if we agree upon, constitute the basis of world peace.

The Eternal Uncreated Paradox Exists. 

It is the first cause, "Be", and the creator of everything. 

It can be scientifically understood as the cause of "the big bang", and accepted by scientific principles such as Occam's razor. 

Furthermore, certain characteristics of this first cause, can be logically understood. 

It must be, almighty, all-knowing, self-sufficient, with a self-contained purpose, and free, of all constrainment. 

It must be completely transcendent. 

Gnostics experience it, as themselves. 

I myself, experienced it as, "all words are derived of the first word". 

And nowhere else, than with God, can life be found, the living, the non-finite-state-machine. 

And so this can be accepted scientifically aswell. 

And this is the basis of all religion. The experience of God, and the wording, for the people of their time. 

God had messengers, with his religion, in all countries. 

In early norse history, we can also see that there was a messenger, perhaps also inspired by Abrahams religion, which hinduism originally was. 

But as hinduism, norse religion, is distorted to revolve around gods, and is remembered as this, today. 

Still, it is easy to understand, that the original religion was about God, made by someone who had experienced God, and therefore, had a role, as messenger of God. 

Concepts like Ginnungagap, Ragnarok, Breath of Life, and many other things, was originally the same as, before God created the world, there was only God, an uncreated paradox, which they called Ginnungagap, or the big gaping. They looked at the world, as a place, where if nothing was created, that one fell down. Today, we know that one does not fall down, neither in space, where direction is dependant on gravitational pull, or in an uncreated transcendent "space". But the point is, that the expression, referred to Gods transcendent nature. The expression Ragnarok, is well understood, to mean judgement day, today, and some even use it still. The breath of life, is about immanence, and the soul, and here we can also see, that the transcendence that give us life, and is us, is also God. 

Abraham expressed the same, and was a messenger for God, and laid the fundament for what we know as hinduism today. 

Abraham said, The Word, created all things. And The Word, is consciousness, the soul, the command of each moment of creation and manifestation.

In Hinduism today, the soul, atman, is still seen as divine. But unfortunately, they have lost their knowledge of judgement day, which has instead been replaced with several rebirths, which is a distortion of judgement day, and the resurrection-concept. They often use a distorted concept of atman, that revolves around a physical god, which all is the same as. But atman is not physical. Therefore they have a kind of several-in-one God, similar to the christian trinity, and has unfortunately come to worship idolaterous images, as a result of this theology. 

Moses re-expressed Abrahams religion, and was a messenger of God, which then was called, Alef-Tav, which can still be seen in the hebrew bible. Alef-Tav means The Word, or first and last word. Abrahams God, who was not jewish, brought the jews out of captivity, and they were therefore in gratitude to this god. They became loyal to this god, and became a gods people, but unfortunately this expression got obscured and distorted, to revolve around superiority because of race, that God preferred a race, without understanding that God prefers those he gives faith about himself to. The concept of the soul, is still the same in jewish theology. The soul, called Ruach, or the breath of life, is figuratively described as, God breathed some of himself, into you, and gave you life. Judgement Day, seems somewhat distorted in judaism, but can still be seen as Sheol, or the questioning/interrogation. 

Jesus re-expressed again, Abrahams religion, and fundamental understanding of it, and said "I am Alpha-Omega", which is a greek translation of Alef-Tav. I am first word, last word. But unfortunately, this was in a time, where the jews had forgotten the meaning of Alef-Tav, reflected by todays translations of the old testament, who leave out this expression. 

For some reasons, he was accused of having called himself "Son of God", which was wrong. And himself, he says at Pontius Pilate, it is you, who call me that. It was rumours. He himself used the expression "Alpha-Omega". He was still seen as a blasphemer, and they wanted him crucified. 

It is highly likely that Jesus was exchanged for BarAbbas on the cross, since BarAbbas means Son of God. Pontius Pilate also shows that he is used to manipulating the audience, in Josephus Flavious writings. Unfortunately the blasphemous expression, son of god, was picked up by Paul, and launched, as teachings about Jesus, and later also included, in a trinity, in an attempt, to reconcile differing christian theologies. 

At the same time, the canon of the bible, was made, and that means the bible, we know today. 

And all other scriptures were burnt. But the bible still contains enough information, if one only dares move away from the trinity, to see the monotheistic God, and Abrahams original religion. 

Judgement Day, in christianity, still revolves around the day, the heavens open, and Gods judgement comes, and one is sent to heaven or hell. But it has also been distorted to revolve around Jesus supposed crucifixion, and that it relieves everyone of sins. But ofcourse, one comes to judgement day, as an individual, and must stand, for ones actions.

Jesus also states that he is in everyone. To understand that this is consciousness, also consider his statement "The words I speak are life, the flesh profits not". The word is life-force, and immaterial. This harmonizes with the teachings on that God is the word, and Ruach, the life-force. Which is consciousness.

Mohammed re-expressed Abrahams religion, one last time, and was the last messenger, and last prophet. Those who experience God today, can simply refer to his writings. To be quite correct, it was words from God, through the angel Gabriel, through the prophet Mohammed. In Islam, often translated as "the religion of peace", where the adherent is muslim, or "surrendered to God", morals are highly valued, and idolatry forbidden. In the holy book of Islam, The Quran, Abrahams religion, and later expressions of it, is corrected, and retold, in addition to being enough on its own, and complete. It revolves around historical believers, prophets and wisemen, and speaks of itself, as the wisdom. 

It retells about our transcendent and immanent God, creator of time and space, about judgement day, and heaven and hell, and teaches you to surrender to God, and natural behaviour, according to the soul. It teaches you to become godconscious, through prayer, and reach a higher level, in life. 

If you look at these facts, one can also see, that there is just one religion in the world, and that is Gods religion, where Islams book, The Quran, is the only book we have about it, today, in it's original version. 

Unfortunately there has also been introduced distortions, into what one can call sectarian Islam, like exaggerated prayers, and partly association of the prophet Mohammed, with God, or idolatry of Mohammed. Many who call themselves muslim today, is conscious of "sunna mohammed" instead of God, and remembers Mohammed, instead of God, and has become idolaterous. Several distortions has happened, and the number varies with secttype. Some have also become provocative, through racehatred, and bad attitudes, in hadith-texts, which is about the same as rumours about Mohammed, written down, in texts, outside the Quran. Rumours themselves are forbidden in the Quran. 

Mohammed in the Quran, has exemplary behaviour yes, and the same is said about Abraham. But the statement about Mohammed, has been exaggerated to be idolatry of him, and rumours about him has been written down, and included in the theology. 

The Quran, after much reading, and better interpretations of the arabic text, still contains the original Islam. 

There it is talked about 3 prayers (without repetitions), morning, midday, and evening, and fridayprayer, where reading from the Quran is done (probably by an imam/leader/priest), and one of the prayers. The Quran also says "hast thou no sense", and that must be taken into consideration that the sense must be used, when one reads The Quran. Therefore much of what happened in Mohammed time, must have been sensible. This one also understands, when Mohammed teaches, about an immanent God. And therefore we learn about wisdom, and religious knowledge, and reflect around this. And the godconscious are the best of people, says The Quran. 

It has also guidelines, about clothing, that one would call conservative today, in addition to moral teachings, and figurative descriptions of religious phenomena. It disallows offensive and provocative behaviour, promiscuity, homophilia, intoxicants, and criminality. 

The Quran also uses the expression, first word, last word, but as Jesus, and hebrew old testament, one expresses only "first, last". Which is first sign, last sign, where sign can also mean word, or verse. In the Quran the expression is used like this "He is the first, the last, the aware and the hidden". (57:3)

That this means The Word, one can first see in hinduism, and that it is understood as The Word, is seen in the evangelical of John, who speak of God, as The Word, but which has later been distorted to revolve around Jesus. Someone therefore did understand that Jesus talked about The Word, with the expression "Alpha-Omega", which is also often called "Logos" in greek. And in The Quran, it also states, Jesus, was a word, from God. "Logos" in greek, is the force which nothing exists without. In early civilization, Sumer, it is also known as the animistic "Zi".
The Quran also also figuratively describes this as "God breathed some of himself into you, and gave you hearing, perception, and minds". (32:9)

Gods religion is then "surrender to God". A good english translation of muslim, would be "the surrendered". Those who have surrendered to the immanent God, and behave in accordance with their own nature. It is also a clear theme in the Quran, that the disbelievers, go against themselves. 

Today, as always, Gods religion represents peaceful interaction, and on a larger scale, world peace. It represents the use of resources for constructivity, instead of destruction, and therefore a raise of our society, to a higher level. 

It also represents the freedom, to be human, follow oneself, and celebrate the praises of the lord. 

And God himself, says in The Quran, that he created everything, for the celebration of his praises. (51:56)

Heaven and hell, are also logical extremes, of right belief, and wrong belief. 

Those who do well, go to heaven, and those who follow the spirit of satan, goes to hell. 

In religion that has become polytheistic, satan has typically disappeared. This is because people with a polytheistic mindset, do not see satan, but see him as a god, among gods, where all objects are gods. Common for these, are that they typically have many idolaterous images, which the monotheist, sees as satans. Satan is first and foremost a liar, and is the origin of idolatry, and polytheism. That again, is an extension of it's pretensious and provocative behaviour, which again reflects that of following ones desire, and promiscuity. Spirits are made of smokefree fire, and Satan claims to be superior, because he is of fire.

The divine system of God is established, by surrender to God, and protection from spirits, by being conscious of God. 

And this is Islam, the religion of God, which human nature is naturally inclinded towards. 

So, peace be with You! And may the celebrations, and blessings of God be with you.



Q: How do you pray, in accordance with the Quran.

A: "If you wonder what to pray, you have the seven oft repeated verses".

"In the name of the one God, The Benevolent, The Most Merciful.

All praise to the one God, creator of the worlds, The Benevolent, The Most Merciful.

Ruler on the Day of Judgement.

You only we worship, and you only we ask for help.

Guide us in the path that is correct, the path of those who earned your preference.

Not the path of those who provoked your anger, those who went astray".

These verses, are recited silently, (or spoken, for a prayer-leader), 3 times pr. day.

This, or reading of the Quran, so that the practitioner shall become godconscious.
Correct worship of God protects from spirits. (Quran). Therefore it is important to take in the words of prayer, and the monotheistic elements. That God is one. (Allah in arabic.) That all praise is to him. That he creates the many worlds, and therefore is bigger than them. He is unlimited, and the universe is not, which is important, in these times of associating the universe with infinity, which is association with God, and strictly forbidden in the Quran. Ruler on the day of judgement. You only "we" worship, makes spirits present worship the one God aswell. And ofcourse the prayer of guidance. All words in this prayer are optimal for monotheistic awareness, and suppression of spirits. The effect is a gradual purification of the mind, and the result a pure mind. Any association with God (such as pantheism, hadithism) will though defeat the effect, and so one should ofcourse not believe in these things.

The Quran also mentions friday-prayer, where practitioners gather, and prayer is performed, and the prayer-leader also reads from The Quran.

The Quran mentions prayer in various situations. Standing, bowed, walking and on horse, and assumes that the practitioner understands what is meant by prayer. There is no particular ritual associated with prayer, there is only the natural way one would pray, in these situations, standing, bowed, walking, or on horse.

The Quran also mentions prayer among others, and that if others bow, so should one do this oneself also.

Prayertimes are mentioned in The Quran.

#1,#2,#3 i 011.114, 017.078

#1 i 017.079

#1, #2 i 050.039

#1, #3 i 024.058, 030.017, 024.036, 076.025

#2, #3 i 030.018, 038.018

#1, #2, #3, #1, #2 i 020.130 (#1 & #2 er is repeated, notice that praising, is repeated, and that the times stated are repeated. Compare verses.)

Being godconscious not only protects against spirits, but strengtens or sustains clarity of mind.

In addition to prayer, the quran also mentions that of remembering God, and refers to The Quran, as The Remembrance.

One shall also remember God, and The Quran.

Q: Why does the Quran refer to God, as "We".

A: We is used in the Quran, when an entity speaks on behalf of God, such as an angel. We can also be used, if a jinn is present. We can also be used if one talks about "Us all", the transcendent intellect, the lifeforce, in all living things.

Q: What does the initials in the Quran mean?

A: In the opening of the Quran, chapter 2, one finds some initials, that are commonly interpreted as "untranslatable".

However it is highly likely that these initials represent an abbreviation, of what is to come, in the chapter.

For instance, in chapter 2, these initials may be translated as T.T.B, as in This is The Book.

I am sure that highly likely translations are possible, by looking at the content of the nearby verses, probably the following verse.

Q: Is hijab neccesary headwear to be a muslim?

A: No. Hijab is not originally headwear, hijab in the Quran, is a barrier, not headwear. It has since been misinterpreted to be headwear. However if wearing "hijab" is part of being surrendered to God, natural behaviour, one should do so. The requirments for clothing in the Quran though, are what one would call conserative clothing today.

Q: What is halal slaughter?

A: Halal slaughter is a way of slaughtering that is humane. It is the only permissible way of slaughter in the Quran. It does not involve rigid rituals. It is mentioned in The Quran, because inhumane slaughering by idolaters, could have been practised at the times, and it would be ungodly. Use your sense.

Q: Is junkfood permissible in Islam?

A: Junkfood is forbidden in Islam, for the same reasons that swine is forbidden.

Q: Is suicide bombing, a part of Islam?

A: No muslim engages in suicide bombing. It is sects who engages in sucide bombings. They are taught not to think, and next thing you know, they are signing up to be suicide bombs. Without thinking, one cannot appreciate gnostic knowledge, whom the prophets voiced in their scriptures, and which The Quran, refers to as wisdom. Does there exist anything like a wise suicide-bomber? No, the wiseman would try to solve things by insight and intelligence, rather than blowing himself and something else up. 

When you see two people who hate eachother, and they cannot turn around, because they uphold the situation that causes the enemity, and does not embrace religious teachings, they start to harm themselves, just to harm the other. Suicide bombing, is a part of that kind of thinking. I harm myself and my own society, but the enemy is harmed aswell. This is seen in a certain conflict in the world today, where both parties refuse to acknowledge universal truth, and so the conflict never ends. Hatred is taught at both sides, only because ignorant people uphold the situation that causes the conflict.

Q: Is circumscicion, a part of Islam?

A: No. That Abraham circumsized himself is doubtful. These Biblical stories are obscure, and not likely to be told by believers. Some of the bible is distorted and conjured. Like the idolaterous rituals in revelation, and the worship of lambs, they should be ignored, and the hadiths that retell of similar things. Indeed, that Abraham would make a religion that leads to worldpeace, and then claim he talked about cutting off a part of his private parts, to achieve it, is a non-sequitur. This is an obscure ritual, that has nothing to do with Islam. It's origins are unknown. It has no known benefits, and is probably conjured and satanic.

Q: Is forced marriage, a part of Islam?

A: No. Neither forced marriage or "love-marriage" is part of Islam. Rational marriage, is the marriage that Islam talks about.

Q: What is Sharia-Law?

A: Sharia-law is often used about Law derived from religous scriptures. It is an obscured concept today. Most well-developed law systems today, may be considered sharia-law, because they are just, and right. 

Q: What does The Quran mean?

A: The Quran, means The Recitation. "In it is guidance". It was first recited by Mohammed, as the only means of educating others, about Islam. It is a complete expression of Abrahamic faith, and is to be thought of as a Bible, and comments and corrects various aspects, of The Bible.

Q: Should one obey or emulate Mohammed today?

A: The Quran states, that one should obey Mohammed. However that was when he was alive. A stack of hadith, is not Mohammed. Learning surrender to God though, is what God teaches in The Quran.

Q: Does hadith explain Quran?

A: No, The Quran explains The Quran. Loosely translated "In it verses are repeated, in various contexts, so that you may understand".

Q: Is Islam compatible with democracy?

A: Our society has evolved in many ways, since the time of The Quran. Lawsystems have iterated, and institutions specialized. As long as the democracy, represents the interests of humans, it is fully compatible with Islam, and may be seen as a development of, and an extension of religious teachings.

Q: Is the universe infinite?

A: There really is just one true infinite, and that is God. So the universe must be finite.

Q: Has linux, gpl or opensource anything to do with religious thought?

A: Anything that benefits mankind, is in line with religious thought.

Q: Does LSD give experiences related to Monotheism? And does UFO's exist?

A: If you are looking for egoloss-methods, please see my paradox-meditation text.

LSD was once legal, and became illegal. In the time it was legal, it was thought of as a wonderproduct, that gave the user profound insights. It legality made it common use among hippies, and it probably one of the fundamental aspects of this culture. The hippies adopted the Abrahamic peace greeting, and often combined LSD use with hinduism, and buddhism.

A positive aspect, must be that some users experience oneness. "We are all one". But the negative aspects are that there is incorrectness or inclarity in the understanding of God. At the worst these may obscure the real God. Some LSD users even talk about polytheism, which is the worst kind of distortion. LSD later become associated with typical drugculture and some very negative incidents, which lead to its illegality. It may be "an angel in animal clothing", but it is a drug. I do believe it is better to pursue a path of religious morality, without drugs, and having a clean conscience. The oneness is really taught at the esoteric core of the worlds religions anyway. 

UFO`s seems to also be perceived as an angel, who is believed to come to the earth, to save mankind, or give them superior information.

LSD users thought that LSD was going to take mankind to a new level, and UFO believers think that UFOs will take mankind to a new level.

Religion really already contains this superior information. No need for LSD or UFO`s.

Angels made the religions of the world. If you analyze them, there is a strong correlation between the phenomena described. But often called different things, and often believed to be about different things.

But they are not.

If we simplify what all religions say, there exists an unlimited God, that is all consciousness, and there are spirits that affect and are created within that consciousness. And there exists angels, that represent spirit-free consciousness that either knows itself or not.

There are good consequences, and there are bad consequences. And all religions teach that these depend on morality. And in the end one is a good moral being, and it is going against this, that is wrong. And the logical conclusion of this, is "surrender". 

When you realize that LSD only gives already known information, though also together with other aspects of "the psychedelic experience", it seems better to just accept the esoteric truths of religion, and leave the rest alone. And for UFOs also. And the UFO-visitors would probably be very similar to us. In other words, not "alien". But known, because they posess the same nature that we all posess, that all life posesses.

And modern research in the area, indicates that there is a very low probability of other civilizations in the universe, which is getting lower all the time. We are here alone.



Atheism is practically polytheism.

The atheist universe is described similarly as the Abrahamic God, selfsufficient, origin of life.

However the atheist does not see, that this is association with God, the same as the idolaters of old, did.

It is the same old idolaterous practise, of giving divine qualities to an object.

Which of these objects in the universe then, is not alive, godly and the giver of life and death? And they often associate this with randomness.

Atheists often put forth scientific theories that are in conflict. For instance, that the universe is 13.7 billion years old, and at the same time, saying it came from an infinitely small point, or a vacuum.

When you extrapolate points like this, saying the universe came from a big bang, and trace it back to an infinitely small point, you are including infinity and God, in the equation. So, yes God is a part of those theories, but they do not understand it. However it is not coherent to claim both this vacuum, and an age of the universe. Because the infinitely small point (vacuum) has no beginning, and must there it is a claim that the universe is eternal. Both cannot be claimed at the same time. If one looks at the scientific statement that the universe is 13.7 billion years old, there must be a point, where the universe did not exist, and a sharp change, in that it did exist. No infinitely small point, and therefore no vacuum. Just a miraculous sudden existence, which must have a eternal transcendent cause.

One should be aware of this kind of extrapolation of data, so one does not make God a part of the equation, and so claim that creation exists on it`s own.

It is ofcourse also ridicolous to first negate God creating something that did not exist before, "out of nothing", and  then say, "but everything comes from a vacuum".



We made you societies of the middle way, states The Quran.

Commonly accepted values, and lifestyles, Man and wife, children, car and house, is something all monotheists should reflect on.

Satan in The Quran, is also known as The Rejected, because he is deviant, or unacceptable.

Therefore be mainstream. And in politics, be conservative. Satan is most likely to be found in liberal politics. Remember than politics has iterated since Adam. The values are the same.



Media is not always regulated or run by people with religous values. To a large extent, commercial values, may influence or more or less directly run, the media outlets. If certain stories pay, certain stories are searched for, found, and maybe even interpreted, in ways, that are popular, and sell. That may be playing on people ignorance, to make money. If a certain group is believed to be enemies, and dragons, they are bound to be presented like this, in media aswell. Media might even provoke, certain responses, and picture and record this, and sell it as, what people want to believe that it is. "Muslim" has definately been a word that has changed in extreme ways, in media, through times. From early tv-shows like "I dream of jeannie", where muslim theology is part of the inspiration for the show, and never critizized for this, to intellectual elites discussing Islam, as a way of showing refined knowledge, to the very stigmatized "islam" we so often hear about today.

The intellectuals seem to have drowned out in noise about the extremists, and the crazy muslims, and Jeannie is surely forgotten, and probably never believed to have anything to do with Islam at all. It is a growing trend, and "islam" today, is used monotonically about one single group of people, and that is extremists, hadithists, and groups of people, that really have little to do with Quranical Islam. One does not hear about intellectual discourse with muslims. The Quran mentions, those who reflect, those who have a clear mind, those who have sense, and so forth. These are attributes of real muslims. These attributes does not belong to the same "crazy muslims" as media time and time again, describes.

What media describes is a phenomenon of people, calling themselves muslims, and shouting Allah Akbar, with a machinegun, in the air. Do you think you can talk sense to a man like this? Does he posess a clear mind? Does he reflect? Who indeed posess these attributes? These, not the machinegun-bearer, indeed, are the real muslims. Abraham himself, which Islam is a restatement of his religion, posessed the gift and gnostic insights, for a religion that leads mankind to world peace. This indeed, is a clear mind. Machineguns, hijabs, circumciscion and hadith, have little to do with this religion. Islam is not a religion of rigid rituals, and compulsive thought. It is a religion of divine surrender, belief in reality, and natural behaviour.

If mankind would only accept these writings on the highest intellectual level, they may indeed find this path, of peace, and rediscover, marriage, and how it once was holy, and rediscover religious societies, living in beneficial peace, and praising the lord, in gratefulness, and wonder.

The path, in our modern times, is obscured by consumer culture. Every day, humans are brainwashed by pictures in the media, by a minorty of people, who may be lesser humans, who present idolaterous pictures again and again, and the result is, for instance, youth, clothing themselves like them, and probably taking on some of their spirit aswell, when it comes to unhealthy and selfdestructive habits. Such as the drugculture, that became popular with the hippies. We have today though, a new possibilty, and that is the massive information available through the internet. So you can educate yourself, about what Islam really is. You can read The Quran, in many translations. And you can visit sectarian websites on your own, and see the difference, in their teachings, from what The Quran states. Typically sectarians will put a great deal of emphasis on texts, called hadith. And this corrupts their Islam, and has corrupted their Islam today, to the extent, that a false version of Mohammed, described in Quran, is worshipped, and remembered, instead of God, in The Quran. I asked a sectarian, "do you praise your Lord"? And he said "Yes, I praise my Lord, the way Mohammed did." He does not understand what praising the Lord means. He thinks it is a rigid ritual to be performed in certain occasions, that resemble occasions described in hadith. He does not know a natural reaction, and outburst of Alhamdulillah, from joy, or in excellence. The Quran says, some people are barred from understanding The Quran. However these hadithists, claim that hadith "explain" The Quran. So as long as they have their static idol, who thinks for them, and has all the answers ready, for any situations, they do not even have to live, they can simply be mohammedan machines, restating exactly what he has said, and living like robots, mimicking Mohammed exactly like he lived. Or atleast is rumoured to have said or lived, because the hadith-mohammed, is very weak scientifically, and is simply rumours, in the form, he said that she said that he had said to she that he had said etc..  And rumours themselves are forbidden in The Quran. So technically it is rumours by disbelievers, and disbelivers are idolaters, and idolaters conjure, and lie. It is extremely weak theology. Why has this theology come to be accepted? The answer to that must be, that they are disbelievers who did not understand the Quran, and instead made up these theologies, that hadith explains The Quran. It is a difficult issue, because whole countries today, have accepted sectarian Islam. How do you tell a man, that he and his people have been wrong, possibly since the time of Ghazali, and maybe earlier. Ghazali was the so-called scholar, who wanted interpretation of Islam, finalized, however he can be seen to be mistaken, in various of his statements. However sectarians often refer to Ghazali as a great scholar, and agree with his finalization, and acceptance of "hadith explains Quran", and more disturbingly, his theology of "everyone yearns for an ideal", which is used to defend the rumoured hadith-mohammed as a rolemodel, theology. He and these sectarians, does not understand the concept of surrender to God, of learning wisdom, and learning to rely on oneself. They always look to their static idol, for all the answers, and does not learn to even live according to the truth, and reflect, and praise the Lord. Without truth, there is no life. There is no dynamic thinking.

When the bird is to leave the nest, it relies on itself, to fly. It doesn't look to any idol. In psychology, there is a concept of individuation-separation. Separating from the womb of his mother, and learning to rely on his self. This is what the muslim ummah must do today. Leave the womb or nest of hadith-Mohammed, and learn to live and think for yourself. And get to know the praises of the Lord. This is what all must do. This is life itself, and what surrender to God is about, and the religion called Islam.

And knowing that we all have the same nature, the foundations for peaceful interaction can be built, and spirits claiming to posess other nature, than the nature of all life, good, compassionate, can be conquered.



God is eternal.

And God has created Logic, which his creation and laws can be described by.

And eternity is a paradox, and therefore alive. And this is not an object. Therefore the creator of all objects. And therefore also The Word, the life in us all.

Heaven and hell are logical extremes of right belief, and wrong belief.

Wrong belief, is association with God.

Since God is ones own nature, believing someone else to posess another nature, is to associate a spirit with God. And this is what idolaters do also, with objects, who are not human.

It is not just a practise with the one erring in belief, but in progressed state, a mindstate, resulting by the negative consequences of being an idolater. Some idols may be closely associated with God, so that the damage is not as big, as with a purely satanic idol, where human nature, may be put aside, in favour of the qualities of the idol, which often revolves around animal greatness, and inhumanity, tyranny, and power.

One is born, surrendered to God. And one follows the natural impulses, who are a part of ones own nature.

In the degree the child is influenced by erroneous belief, in the form of idols, or ideals, it will also become an associator, a disbeliever.

The practise of an idolater fits perfectly with the spirit of satan. The idolater rejects his own nature and sense, and instead listens to the spirit of satan "superior to humans because I am of fire".

Religion revolves around this logic, and insight, and shares the wisdom with us, and teaches us, to surrender to God.



Schooling would be done, with books written by men who are not proud. Simply stating things exactly as they are. Without hiding anything because of agendas, or emphasising or interpreting, because of agendas.

Marriage would be, to a similar partner. A good for the good, ignorant for the ignorant. And in surroundings that do not expect promiscuity, before finding a partner, or looking down upon people who do not engage in promiscuity, behind the backs of respectable individuals. Youth should be prepared for marriage, when they approach puberty.

In modern times, a network of human resources, should be available to search, for marriage, jobs, and other things related to a smoothly running society. One should not have to wade through a wall of ignorant people, to find any of these things.

In an optimal society, intelligent people run the society according to human values. And the highest of intelligence can be found in The Quran.



I believe a well-behaved democracy and freedom of religion, support the growth and refinement of understanding of religion. With this comes some statements that are controversial in respective camps. Some of these are "I am God" - "I am not God", "Gay is a spirit" - "Gay is the soul", "Quran alone is enough" - "Quran needs hadith."

While I personally believe in the first of each of these statements, others may not.

I do believe trying to reject freedom of religion, and force one particular school of thought on someone, only creates hypocrites. Therefore we should emphasize good behavior between all participants of our wellbehaved democracy. Extremism, harassment or hateincitement should not be tolerated among any group.

Believers may want to conquer this spirit, by prayer or meditation, and nearness to divine nature.



These are some meditations for those compelled to do so, which is typical in the esoteric path.

First we can start with the optimal Islamic meditation:
"Allah is one". (singular, unique, not creation).

This is the main aspect of Islam, and monotheism. It alone is very efficient against spirits. One can meditate on this until one feels sufficiently comfortable with it.

The religion of Allah is Islam, and it contained in the Quran, which is to be studied.
Allah is one, and him we subject to, subordinate to, submit to, surrender to, give ourself to, give up to.
Muslims are those who have surrendered.

"Allah is one, and him we submit to".

Allah is unlimited (allknowing, allcapable, allmighty). And not anything else. We can meditate on this, to become as aware of this as possible.

"Allah is one, and unlimited".

Studying the Quran may take years. Ones faith increases and ones love, appreciation and honest worship of Allah, grows. One becomes purified by godconsciousness, and the godconscious are the best of people, states the Quran.

"I love/worship/appreciate/praise Allah, and is therefore the best".

Allah is absolute, and as one progresses through the esoteric path, learning to trust ones divine nature is neccesary.

"I am absolute"

Allah is unchanging, the truth, which is allknowing, which is absolute, which is the meaning, which is the word. Which also is paradoxical nothingness. Dimensionless and timeless.
The paradox can be understood in the following way.
Unlimitedness cannot be limitedness, but then it is not unlimitedness.

If one experiences fierce spirits, due to erroneous belief, and association, meditation on complete transcendence can be helpful.

"I am a paradox".

When spirits are quietened, a more typical meditation/remembrance can be used, Either the earlier or the esoteric ultimate of:

"I am all minds, and create all worlds". or just "I am God of the worlds".

For those of you who believe in egoloss an optimal meditation can be made for that too.

"Everything is subordinate the ruling paradox".

You may need to surrender a bit as you go, to let go of subconscious spirits.

(The meditations in norwegian:
"Allah er en"
"Allah er en og han underkaster vi oss".
"Allah er en, og ubegrenset"
"Jeg er absolutt".
"Jeg er et paradoks".
"Jeg er alle sinn og skaper alle verdener" - "Jeg er Gud over verdnene".
"Alt er underordnet det herskende paradoks".)



The unlimited phenomena can be described as eternal, almighty, transcendent. And it can only be one, that posesses all might.

And an unlimited chain of events cannot exists, as it lack a beginning, and therefore a chain of events.

Therefore the chain of events that our universe is a part of, must have a transcendent cause.

And consciousness is not an aspect of the limited, A machine does not posess emotions, intellect, senses. Therefore consciousness must be the unlimited.

And this unlimited is experienced as The Word, by gnostics. And with The Word, is the meaning.

In other words, God must exist, and it must be consciousness, the life in humans, trees, plants and all life, and it is the only eternity, and the meaning.

And we can know that God is good, because it is our own nature.



It logically follows the previous section, that since God is dimensionless, God must be Nothing. And since God is infinity, infinity is nothing.

This is supported also by the argument that an unlimited chain cannot exist, because it has no beginning. So the unlimited must be nothing.

Nothing, is usually called spirit, or a similar term, in religion.

Be aware, that spirit is often used about two different terms, namely lifespirit (ruh), and firespirit (jinn).

And it is a paradox, where unlimitedness in itself is a paradox, where the limit is being unlimited.

This nothing is nowhere, but since it observes it`s creation, it is everywhere. This is what is called omniprescence in religion.



There is a strong incoherence in the man who says that only the physical exists, and it is a machine. And randomness created it, and is involved in developing it.

Not only because they seem to have a randomness generator that they apparently have no need to explain, but because randomness is white noise.

If you fill a machine with white noise, nothing sensible will happen. There will never be an animation of a universe, with people in it, and everything we know, that we call reality.

Unfortunately some parts of the scientific community claims that this is possible. They say a random sequence can produce an non-random sequence.

It is the same as saying that a random number generator, can produce, say, a guitar sound.

But in reality, a random number generator, only produces white noise.

To claim something else, is everything but scientific.

In other words, there is no such thing as randomness involved in any sensible process.

There must be a designer, and it must be what we know, as God.



Madness, deviance and mental misery, mental chaos, is the result of polytheism, pantheism, or any association with God, and is the work of satan.

Correct monotheism gives a pure mind, and a good moral characther. And it is the religion of God, and leads to peace. Peace of mind, and peace externally.



Allah Akbar - God Is The Greatest - Allknowing nature is the superior.
Praised be the one perfect divine, creator of the perfect creation.

Peace Be With You,

Uwaysi Bin Kareem.